Business Development & Product Management Consulting

A veteran business development, sales, marketing & product management consultancy for fast growing tech companies in Stockholm. 

Our motto is “Test-Learn-Build”

What do we do?

GoUptown is your flexible resource for the growth projects you need done quickly and efficiently, but do not have enough heads to do it.


Our recommended approach is to create efficient test-projects that quickly gather valuable data and feedback that will in turn give management confidence to take the next step.

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This type of adaptable-execution is best started with a flexible external resource like ours, because the objectives may not be fully defined at the beginning and you may not want the test to disrupt internally.

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Learn what is working through observation of the market-fit and then rapidly scale up the project with an automatic, repeatable model to deliver on key objectives and return-on-investment.

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The findings will build your organisations internal knowledge and allow you to decide how best they can be implanted into your normal company operations.

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What do our clients say?

“In our long collaboration, GoUptown consulting has always been a trusted partner in developing new ways to tell the story of Spotify’s connection to all things hardware”

Rupert Englander
Global Product mktg Lead @ SPOTIFY

“Nik did a great job of initiating high-level discussions with global companies including H&M, Synsam, Ericsson, Coca Cola and government agencies. He was always looking for new customers to deliver social robotics as an effective business solution and not only as a new and exciting technology. ”

Samer Al Moubayed
CEO @ Furhat Robotics

“Nik is very knowledgeable, proactive and efficient in all areas of his responsibilities and he was a significant contributor to the overall success of the partner program at Soundtrack. But most importantly, he’s a pleasure to work with and a fantastic human being.”

Mejsam Majd

“It’s always a pleasure to work with Nik, both at Spotify and now most recently at Soundtrack Your Brand. GoUptown consulting was quickly able to understand our business challenges and started delivering results very soon after.”

Kåre Zetterling
DIRECTOR BUSINEss Development @ soundtrack your brand

“GoUptown executed a flexible solution that delivered real value to our sales team and revenue goals in the Nordics.”

Neill Ewen

“In the time that Nik worked with Creative he was always very professional and able to make sure the job got done successfully, by deadline and within budget.”

Duncan Jackson

“Nik helped us with the process to find a new sales resource for the Nordics and I am very happy with the results.”

Toby Williams
Northern Europe Sales Manager @ AMD

Who are we?

We have a network of skilled professionals that allow us to execute on a wide range of projects, but the core team members are:

Nik Grant

Veteran Sales, Marketing & Business Development Director

Lived and worked in Paris, Munich, Dublin, London, Copenhagen. Now based in Stockholm for over 10 years.

Matthias Lewin

Marketing Technologist & Design Thinker

Lived and worked in Germany, USA and Sweden. Based in Stockholm for the last 6 years.

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